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Top tech predictions in real estate - part 2

There has been an accelerated impact of technology on our lives that is hard to go unnoticed. As we continue to embrace new technology it will affect our lives in ways we never imagined.

In part one we discussed disruption and collaboration as technology affects the retail and office sectors. This article will highlight transportation, urbanization, certification, and optimization.

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Top tech predictions in real estate - part 1

We will experience more technological changes in the next two years than we have in the last thirty.

I love technology and find it not only enriches my life but also simplifies it. For example, the information we have available on the Internet expands our knowledge, having our entire digital life in our pocket provides convenience and the safety measures in our vehicles give us peace-of-mind.

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It's Not Your Grandfather's Real Estate

Selling and buying real estate has changed more in the last five years than in the last 25. Long gone is the one-page carbon purchase agreement my grandfather used or the MLS listing book brokers kept close in hand.

The way real estate is marketed, bought and sold has changed significantly. The availability of information on the Internet has brought about the informed client, which is great, but it seems real estate has always been the last to adopt new technology.

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Big data is a big deal

If you have not heard the term yet, you soon will. “Big data” refers to the ability we now have to collect vast amounts of information about us, the things we do and the environments we live in. This information is constantly being stored and analyzed to learn of connections and relationships, how they occur and their cause and affect. 

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