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Retail trends and predictions

The news media tells us Amazon is disrupting the retail industry causing stores to close. Retail is evolving, and it is not all negative.

Below are five trends and predictions in the retail industry.

Who wants to shop at the mall?

Our regional mall that opened over thirty years ago at the time consisted of 150 stores including Emporium-Capwells, JCPenney, Sears, and Mervyns. A cinema and video arcade were the entertainment.

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Top tech predictions in real estate - part 1

We will experience more technological changes in the next two years than we have in the last thirty.

I love technology and find it not only enriches my life but also simplifies it. For example, the information we have available on the Internet expands our knowledge, having our entire digital life in our pocket provides convenience and the safety measures in our vehicles give us peace-of-mind.

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The secret is in the demographics

Have you ever ask yourself, "Why doesn't Napa have an Apple store or a Costco?" One hurdle could be insufficient evidence of market demand. Another hurdle, called "barriers to entry" could be the fact that in Napa we have a lack of available development land and available space to lease. There are many reasons why a retailer or restaurant may not be in Napa. It is difficult to overcome a shortage of land for development, but an in-depth analysis of market demand starts with demographics.

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Shopping Center REITs Report Signs of Improvement, but Expect More Store Closings

Shopping center REITs turned in a respectable performance for the fourth quarter of 2009, giving credence to the notion that the worst of the downturn may be over. Yet REIT analysts continue to be cautious about the sector’s prospects for 2010, as the year may bring more closings among smaller shopping center tenants and make re-leasing vacant space difficult.

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The Whole of Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market Inc.'s real estate cart continues to fill up.

In August, the country's largest grocer of natural and organic foods finally closed on its long-awaited deal to buy Wild Oats Markets Inc. for $565 million. About the same time, the Austin, Texas-based grocer decided to shutter nine Wild Oats stores and shed 35 small Henry's and Sun Harvest locations (all in California and Texas) in a $166 million deal to warehouse store operator Smart & Final Inc. Meanwhile, Whole Foods set a company record, opening 21 new stores in fiscal 2007, ended September 30, and currently has more than 90 stores primed in its development pipeline.

Source: Retail Traffic


Napa, California's Whole Foods Market is schedule to open in December 2007.


Back to the Future

Libby Gronbach, a 15-year-old Connecticut native, spends a lot of time online, like most of her

Generation Y peers.

..Libby and her peers are already one of the major driving forces in the U.S. consumer market and they will only grow more powerful. Generation Y — which encompasses the 113 million Americans born between 1979 and 1997, or roughly 37 percent of the current population, is larger than the 78-million-strong baby boomer generation and already possesses an estimated buying power of $629 billion annually, according to Iconoculture, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm. However, that's still dwarfed by the baby boomer's estimated buying power of $2.1 trillion a year.

Source: Retail Traffic

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