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10 questions to consider before renting out a room - PART 3

There are many aspects to consider when renting out a room in your home before posting your vacancy on Airbnb, VRBO or craigslist. Protect yourself by knowing the local ordinances and laws governing your area.


In part one I highlighted occupancy types and use of the property--be sure to review for definitions. In part two we examined rights, care, control and postings. To wrap-up this series we are going to cover insurance, anti-discrimination, taxes and local ordinances.

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10 questions to consider before renting out a room - part 1

An attorney friend approached me, “I have a great topic for your next article. With the city approving short-term hosted rentals people need to know what they are getting into.”

I was intrigued by his comment as he proceeded to unpack for me the laws governing an innkeeper and how that compares to a landlord-tenant relationship or the renting of a room in an owner-occupied home.

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