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You Can Tell a lot by the Title - Part 2

Like the title to a good book, the method the owners hold title to real property can tell you a lot about the purpose of the property. Depending on how an owner intends to utilize the property could dictate how title should be held.

Additionally, what the owners would want to accomplish when title is conveyed through a sale, probate or some other means should be considered when the property is acquired.

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 3

Most everyone involved in a transaction has a sense of relief when escrow closes. This usually signifies the transaction is complete. Everyone has completed their tasks at hand, the seller and buyer performed as written in the purchase agreement and everyone’s happy.

Well...most of the time. The transactions I’ve been involved with, for the most part, included a buyer and seller who welcomed the closing of escrow. Let’s just say some had a higher sense of relief than others

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 2

Such wonderful words…”closing escrow.” Sellers and buyers alike can appreciate this time at the end of a transaction. The seller receives his check, the buyers receives the keys to their new property and the brokers receive their check for a job well-done.

In part 1 we met Kent and John, a happy seller and buyer whose escrow just closed. I had the pleasure of representing the seller Kent

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 1

Whether you are a seller, buyer or broker hearing the words “closing escrow” from an escrow officer are words of beauty that conjure up feelings of rainbows, puppy dogs and unicorns.

Okay, maybe not unicorns, but you get the idea. In most cases when a transaction is about to close escrow the deal is done: due diligence is complete, the down-payment, loan funds or cash are in the escrow account and the brokers involved have submitted their escrow instructions.

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It's an "if-then" proposition - Don't be married to a bum deal

In this fast-paced real estate market both commercial and residential properties are becoming sale pending days of being placed on the market. In this competitive market with multiple buyers and multiple offers a trend of buyers waiving their due diligence and inspection contingencies is becoming popular in order to be ahead of other buyers. But, it is not a good idea.

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