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Do your due-diligence diligently

If you are purchasing real estate, you probably want to know what you are getting yourself into and perform due-diligence.

I purchased a used truck and was able to negotiate what I thought was a good deal--only if I knew then what I know now I would have passed.

I soon discovered after closing the deal that my truck was driven hard during the first few years of its life in the Canadian wilderness by a contractor for the oil business. You can imagine the hidden wear and tear about every inch of the truck experienced. Well, I do not have to imagine--I have become good friends with my mechanic.

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It's an "if-then" proposition - Don't be married to a bum deal

In this fast-paced real estate market both commercial and residential properties are becoming sale pending days of being placed on the market. In this competitive market with multiple buyers and multiple offers a trend of buyers waiving their due diligence and inspection contingencies is becoming popular in order to be ahead of other buyers. But, it is not a good idea.

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