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You Can Tell a lot by the Title - Part 1

You can’t always judge a book by its cover, but the title can give you a good indication it will be  a good read. Similarly, the way owners of real estate hold title can be a good indication of how they intend to use the property and what they wish to accomplish during and at the end of their ownership.

Choosing the method of holding title can oftentimes be an an afterthought for some buyers. Investors hopefully have it dialed-in way before the title officer draws-up the closing documents, especially if there are multiple investors involved.

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 3

Most everyone involved in a transaction has a sense of relief when escrow closes. This usually signifies the transaction is complete. Everyone has completed their tasks at hand, the seller and buyer performed as written in the purchase agreement and everyone’s happy.

Well...most of the time. The transactions I’ve been involved with, for the most part, included a buyer and seller who welcomed the closing of escrow. Let’s just say some had a higher sense of relief than others

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 2

Such wonderful words…”closing escrow.” Sellers and buyers alike can appreciate this time at the end of a transaction. The seller receives his check, the buyers receives the keys to their new property and the brokers receive their check for a job well-done.

In part 1 we met Kent and John, a happy seller and buyer whose escrow just closed. I had the pleasure of representing the seller Kent

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