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Real estate disrupters then and now

The year was 1992, the world-wide-web is one year old, Windows 3.1 is introduced, and the first text message is sent on a mobile phone. AOL is the way many accessed and used the Internet.

I started my real estate career at an office in Napa where we had one desktop computer for 12 agents. The computer was mostly used to access the new MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to search properties. Only a few of us used the MLS as most agents still used listing books that came out every month.

I was on the computer not only using the MLS but also researching information on any website I could find and using desktop publishing for creating marketing material to print. I was always the first agent to adopt technology. My first email address was cyberagent@compuserve.com, and my first website had a similar address. My first mobile phone was the Motorola “brick” phone with phone calls costing ninety cents per minute.

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