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8 Commercial Trends of Commercial Real Estate

Gone are the four basic sectors of commercial real estate: retail, office, industrial and multi-family. They are still very much a part of many portfolios, but the investor and broker will need to consider several new categories.


Real estate investors and brokers alike must consistently remain nimble for the ever-changing demographics, laws, and business needs to remain relevant.

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Sell (Your Commercial Investment)

It can be tempting to sell especially when we are told it is a seller’s market. We may feel an urgency to place our property on the market--reaching for the best possible price.

Just as there are really good reasons to sell when the market is hot there are also reasons not to sell.

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Real Estate, Opinions and the President

“My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you're ugly too.” Rodney Dangerfield isn’t exactly a philosopher I commonly quote, but this quote rings true when you look at the number of opinions circulating online.


Now that we know who will be in the big chair for the next four years I asked myself in what ways may this help my client or hurt. Scanning the many media channels for answers is not only mind-numbing, but full of conflicting information and a plethora of opinions.

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12 Step Annual Check-Up for Commercial Property Owners - Part 2

You may be fortunate enough to have a commercial property investment that does not take much of your time to manage. In fact, some investments are just a matter of making sure the rent was deposited in your bank account that month.

Then there are properties that are much more hands-on. In either case it can be easy to overlook steps to take that could save you money or possibly cause issues that become a bigger headache later on.


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12 Step Annual Check-Up for Commercial Property Owners - Part 1

It can be easy for commercial property owners to become complacent. The nature of some types of commercial properties can develop a sense in their owners that all is good when they should be proactively performing an annual check-up.

The terms in a lease could require the tenant to take care of the maintenance causing the owner to take on the attitude that all is good as long as the rent is being paid.

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You Can Tell a lot by the Title - Part 2

Like the title to a good book, the method the owners hold title to real property can tell you a lot about the purpose of the property. Depending on how an owner intends to utilize the property could dictate how title should be held.

Additionally, what the owners would want to accomplish when title is conveyed through a sale, probate or some other means should be considered when the property is acquired.

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You Can Tell a lot by the Title - Part 1

You can’t always judge a book by its cover, but the title can give you a good indication it will be  a good read. Similarly, the way owners of real estate hold title can be a good indication of how they intend to use the property and what they wish to accomplish during and at the end of their ownership.

Choosing the method of holding title can oftentimes be an an afterthought for some buyers. Investors hopefully have it dialed-in way before the title officer draws-up the closing documents, especially if there are multiple investors involved.

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 3

Most everyone involved in a transaction has a sense of relief when escrow closes. This usually signifies the transaction is complete. Everyone has completed their tasks at hand, the seller and buyer performed as written in the purchase agreement and everyone’s happy.

Well...most of the time. The transactions I’ve been involved with, for the most part, included a buyer and seller who welcomed the closing of escrow. Let’s just say some had a higher sense of relief than others

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Closing Escrow (Insert Blissful Harp Music Here) - Part 2

Such wonderful words…”closing escrow.” Sellers and buyers alike can appreciate this time at the end of a transaction. The seller receives his check, the buyers receives the keys to their new property and the brokers receive their check for a job well-done.

In part 1 we met Kent and John, a happy seller and buyer whose escrow just closed. I had the pleasure of representing the seller Kent

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Becoming a Millionaire: 5 Compelling Ways Real Estate Can Make You Wealthy - Part 1

Making good choices, with the help of your broker and taking some risk can have you on your way to creating wealth. I have had the pleasure of watching several clients meet or exceed their goals, but it isn’t always a monthly trip to the bank to deposit rent checks.

Pete is a great client who purchased his first investment property through me about ten years ago. I actually have his office building currently available for lease. Unfortunately, the office leasing market is soft right now so it is still vacant after two months

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Real Estate Through the Generations - Part 1

Each generation shares commonalities, preferences and experiences during their life. Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Silent Generation and Greatest Generation have differing needs and views related to real estate that are a product of their generational upbringing. Commercial real estate, investments and housing choices impact our lives in different ways.

My parents purchased their first and last home in 1951 shortly after they were married in 1949. My father was 28 and mother 25. They paid less than $15,000 for the small three bedroom house and were its first owners. After they passed-away my brothers and I were sorting through old paperwork; I found the purchase agreement--it was one-sided on legal-sized paper. The promissory note was one letter-sized page that didn’t even fill the entire page.

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Selling your luxury estate home - Part 1

This may be the time for you to consider selling your luxury estate home. The market in the Napa Valley is robust with lots of activity. In my previous article I shared with you three things to consider when buying a luxury home. In most every homeowner's life, there comes a time when selling is on the horizon.

Selling a luxury home is a niche market, therefore you need to embrace strategies that differ from selling other types of homes or commercial real estate. I have five strategies for you to consider in the selling of your luxury home.

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Living in the lap of luxury -- advice on buying a luxury home

Considering a luxury home in the Napa Valley? You may find yourself owning an estate next door to David Beckham, Jeff Gordan, Carlos Santana or Joe Montana.

There is really no certain style, design, size or location which defines a luxury home. I define a luxury home as a property with above average amenities at a starting price of $2.5 million. This could be a small home of 1,800 sf on an average size parcel of a quarter of an acre located close to the city core with a price of $2.5 million. Or, a sprawling 8,000 sf vineyard estate on 25 acres located on top of a knoll overlooking the Valley for $25 million.

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