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Pest Control for Apartment Complexes

Rose McMillan | Freelance writer

Pest control is a job that requires cooperation from both the tenant and the landlord. There are duties that each party should perform to keep the apartment and complex a safe environment for the tenant, as well as protecting the landlord’s property from damage caused by pests. The following tasks should be performed on a regular basis by the person who is responsible:

As the renter, you are responsible for maintaining the apartment’s interior condition. Not only will this prevent your landlord from incurring extra expenses, it will preserve your well-being, as pests are responsible for various health conditions.

By not leaving food or garbage out, you can help prevent pests from entering your apartment. In addition, cleaning out the refrigerator and packing leftovers in airtight containers can also eliminate the threat of an infestation.

While taking care of one’s apartment can go a long way in pest prevention, it’s also helpful if the tenant and landlord discuss plans for pest control. Not only can this prevent an infestation in and around the complex, but it will help you develop a plan of action in case an infestation occurs. Being knowledgeable about the most common pests in your area can also be beneficial. For instance, apartments that have excess moisture attract pests like crickets and cockroaches. To curb this issue, you could purchase a dehumidifier to lower the amount of moisture in the apartment. This will make it a far less appealing home for pests.

Like the tenant, you are responsible for your own half of the pest control for the apartment. However, the tasks that you should complete are mostly around the entire complex, not only inside of it.

For starters, exterior maintenance around the complex can be a big help in deterring pests. By keeping the bushes trimmed, branches controlled, debris removed, you can do your part to make the residence much less appealing place for bugs to hang out. In turn, this will keep pests from entering your property.

Professional Help
Depending on the serious of the infestations, it may be necessary for the landlord to hire a professional pest
management company. Not only can a pest removal specialist identify the problem, he or she can find a solution to your pest management problem.

Routine pest inspections can also keep pests from returning once they’ve been exterminated. There could be
several reasons why pests keep re-infesting your complex, so it’s important to receive professional help if you failed to eliminate them on your own.

If both parties do their part and work to keep pests from infesting the interior and exterior of the apartment, you can avoid a serious pest problem. To get started, try communicating with the other person so that you can talk things through and come to an agreement as to who will be doing what if a pest problem arises. Be prepared to compromise a bit to meet the needs of the other person, as pest maintenance can sometimes become costly and time-consuming. If you have any questions about effective pest control, you may want to have a professional perform a pest inspection before reaching an agreement with your tenant or landlord.

Rose McMillan is an experienced pest control professional, turned freelance writer. She has worked with several reputable pest control companies and now wants to share her knowledge with others through blogging. Sources: Terminix

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