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California Apartment Association News – May 2010

U.S. Congress Eyes Tax Increase on Real Estate Partnerships (Carried Interest)

If enacted, this proposal has the potential to devastate many apartment owners. Congress needs to hear from CAA members.
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Governor Signs Bill Mandating Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Multi-Family Housing by 2013

CAA was successful in inserting language into the bill that is identical to current smoke detector maintenance provisions.
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Census Workers Are Coming to Your Property

Census workers (enumerators) must be allowed on to the property and owner/managers are required to provide limited information.
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Smoke-Free Units Save Rental Property Owners Money

This study of California Apartment Association member owners and managers is the first systematic study of the smoking-related costs in multi-family housing.
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Before Beginning Work, Provide Tenants with EPA's Lead Hazard Information Pamphlet

Not only must property owners and managers be certified under new federal rules when performing work on pre-1978 housing, they are also required to notify tenants with specific information.
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Legal Q & A

Question:Is there any reason to retain a credit report on file once a decision has been made on an applicant?
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