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Making Your Apartment Community Ads Better

What should you include and not include in marketing photos of your apartment community?  According to apartmentmarketingblog.com leave out photo shots that include your community signs and pool as almost every community has one and many use these boring subjects in their shots.  Use your imagination and some of these tricks:

1.  Wet down all black-top surfaces before being photographed.  If you notice in movies many shots you have seen have wet blacktop surfaces.  This adds some attractiveness to the setting.

2.  Make sure balconies and patios are organized and clear of unattractive items such as hanging clothes, workout equipment etc.

3.  Ensure that all your amenities appear perfect before the photo shoot.

4.  Invest in top-quality models that don't look dated or unappealing.

5.  Use high-quality stock photography of the neighborhood or area - or better yet have your professional photographer take your own so you do not duplicate what other communities are using.


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