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EXCLUSIVE: Treasury Secretary Paulson; Mortgage Plan Will Be Finished Soon

"If there was ever a role for government, it's to help facilitate a solution when innovation has outrun the private sector's ability to deal with it," said Paulson. "And there's been a lot of innovation and complexity in the mortgage market, and we need to do everything we can to help get the industry ready to meet the growing number of resets that are going to be coming in the subprime mortgage market."


"Paulson said the plan will not be a government-run bailout of subprime borrowers, and the banks that loaned them money. Instead, Paulson said, the government is just providing an industry-sponsored solution to borrowers who can afford to own a home but would have trouble making their mortgage payments after a reset.

This is not a government subsidy that we're talking about here," said Paulson. "This is something that the industry will do where it makes sense."

Source: ABC News

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