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Top tech predictions in real estate - part 2

There has been an accelerated impact of technology on our lives that is hard to go unnoticed. As we continue to embrace new technology it will affect our lives in ways we never imagined.

In part one we discussed disruption and collaboration as technology affects the retail and office sectors. This article will highlight transportation, urbanization, certification, and optimization.

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Top tech predictions in real estate - part 1

We will experience more technological changes in the next two years than we have in the last thirty.

I love technology and find it not only enriches my life but also simplifies it. For example, the information we have available on the Internet expands our knowledge, having our entire digital life in our pocket provides convenience and the safety measures in our vehicles give us peace-of-mind.

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No returns - exchanges only

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows an investor to sell investment real estate and potentially pay no taxes. Using a well-known tax law called Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) an investor could defer capital gains on certain real estate investments.

Without a 1031 exchange tax liability could be as high as a blended rate of up to 35 percent in California. An investor who decides to cash-out from a sale could end up paying a large tax bill.

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Become a real estate millionaire in five easy steps - part 2

Do not get ahead of your emotions. Watching those house-flipping shows, hearing the real estate guru’s tell you about how many millions they make and counting the success stories of other investors is far from reality in the real estate investment world.

In part one of this series, we discussed how not to get caught in the real estate guru trap, which is step one. There are many excellent real estate seminars available you just need to take time and research the company before you reserve your space--even if it is free.

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Become a real estate millionaire in five easy steps - part 1

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to become a millionaire, real estate is probably not the answer. If your entire focus is the money, investment real estate in most likely not for you. Investment real estate definitely can be rewarding, but if you do not have the time, perseverance or focus like in most businesses your success will suffer.

To risk not sounding like a self-proclaimed real estate guru here are five easy steps to break into investment real estate. These may all seem like “easy” steps, but reading them and doing them are two very different things.

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How to own investment real estate and not be a landlord

Did you know you can realize many of the benefits of owning investment real estate in a syndication without ever screening a tenant, repairing a leaky roof or collecting rent?

There are several forms of group ownership methods for real estate investing including partnerships, corporations, LLCs (Limited Liability Corporation), and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). These are commonly called a syndication.

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10 hidden costs of apartment investments

As an owner of an apartment investment you probably know your income and most of your major expenses.

There are those hidden costs that may not be so obvious you need to watch out for because they can affect your bottom line. Here are ten hidden costs you may not be aware of:

1. Deferred maintenance. Like having a toothache, not seeing a dentist and later needing a root canal on-going maintenance will pay for itself.

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The Land Survey - Part 2

We are taking a look at a particular land use law and how a land survey plays a significant role in determining land use rights.

In part one we reviewed two case studies of a prescriptive easement on private land by individuals. Did you know the public can acquire rights to use private land?

There are many instances where the public perfected the use of private land through a prescriptive easement for access to a public street, park or beach.

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Is it Really Affordable...Housing - Part 2

Have you ever considered the similarities and differences between Napa, California and Waco, Texas? After watching several episodes of Fixer Upper on HGTV and becoming a bit disgruntled I asked myself the same question.

You ask why was I disgruntled? In my previous article, I discussed the differences in housing costs between the two cities. With the cost of a home in Waco on average being 25 percent of a home in Napa, I ask myself why.

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Tomāto or Tomăto - Real Estate Documents Simplified

There is a lot of paperwork in a real estate transaction. As a real estate broker, I have access to over 250 forms in the CAR library and close to another 90 in the AIR commercial library. These are most of the forms we need for a transaction, but we have a few more we use on a daily basis.

It is not always clear what the document contains based on the name when we receive it from other brokers. We like nomenclature, acronyms and giving documents obscure names as well as borrowing names of documents from other industries.

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8 Commercial Trends of Commercial Real Estate

Gone are the four basic sectors of commercial real estate: retail, office, industrial and multi-family. They are still very much a part of many portfolios, but the investor and broker will need to consider several new categories.


Real estate investors and brokers alike must consistently remain nimble for the ever-changing demographics, laws, and business needs to remain relevant.

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It's Not Your Grandfather's Real Estate

Selling and buying real estate has changed more in the last five years than in the last 25. Long gone is the one-page carbon purchase agreement my grandfather used or the MLS listing book brokers kept close in hand.

The way real estate is marketed, bought and sold has changed significantly. The availability of information on the Internet has brought about the informed client, which is great, but it seems real estate has always been the last to adopt new technology.

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